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Yoga for Meditation and Relaxation

Yoga Lotus position

There are many ways to relax at home, and more and more people have started to use yoga for meditation and relaxation purposes.

Don't worry, not all positions require outstanding flexibility, and your flexibility will improve with time, allowing you to learn and master more yoga positions.

This page contains some background information about yoga.

Scroll down to find links to specific yoga positions or asanas and a description of their respective health benefits.

A Little Yoga History

While the exact date is unknown, most agree that yoga started some 4000 to 8000 years ago in India. It evolved with time, and the concept that the mind, body and soul were one cosmic entity was introduced with Hinduism.

Yoga for meditation and relaxation is growing in popularity in the west while it has maintained its living tradition in India.

A Type of Yoga For Everyone

There are several types of yoga, but the following four are recognized to be the main yogas:

4 major types of yoga

Each yoga focuses on a distinct path:

Some Yoga Definitions

Before you can enjoy yoga for meditation and relaxation, you should familiarize yourself with these yoga terms or definitions:

Where Does Religion Fit In?

That's the wonderful part about yoga. You can make it a part of your religion or not, whatever you choose. There are different disciplines that focus on the mental, physical and/or spiritual aspects of yoga, so you can follow your own path.

If you intend to use yoga for meditation and relaxation, you should probably include these three complimentary elements. Keep in mind that a spiritual person may (or may not) be religious and vice-versa.

Let's Get Started With Yoga Practice

Select one of these links to explain yoga asanas and their benefits and get started with your yoga practice.

If you live in Abbotsford, British Columbia (Canada), you may be interested in joining Eileen's Yoga Studio for world class Iyengar yoga classes. Choose from beginner, intermediate, mixed and private sessions in a warm and cozy studio.

Are you looking for information on the different types of yoga products and health, including different types of yoga, FAQs, and where to buy yoga products? Visit Universal Yoga.

I recommend this excellent article on spirituality secrets and how to use Karma Yoga for Happiness by Amy Twain.

If you liked this Yoga for Meditation and Relaxation page, visit the meditation section.

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