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Vayu Asana or Vayu Nishkasana
Benefits and Instructions

Are you looking for information on vayu asana? Vayu Nishkasana or wind releasing pose is a great way to focus on your breathing. You will effectively stretch your body, especially the spine, which helps reduce pressure between your vertebrae and joints.

This position and the benefits that you will gain from it can be improved by combining the eyebrow center gazing or Shambhavi Mudra. Are you ready to get started?

Vayu Asana - Procedure

You will need a yoga mat for this position. In order to gain maximum benefits from vayu nishkasana, you should keep your eyes open and breathe deeply.

Vayuasana or nishkasana squat position
vayu nishkasana up

Vayu Nishkasana - Benefits

As mentioned previously, your body will get a chance to stretch out and you can breathe deeply. The spinal stretch as well as the stretch in your arms and legs are significant.

Pressure between vertebrae and joints becomes balanced by stretching your spine. On top of that, your nerves and muscles (especially thighs, knees, shoulders, neck and arms) will benefit from practicing this asana. If you are currently suffering from flatulence, vayu asana may be helpful as well.

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