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Stress Management Tips

Everyone is affected by stress one way or another. These stress management tips should help you better understand stress and hopefully reduce the impact stress has on your life.

Stress Managements Tips: What Stress Is Not

Stress is not a sign of failure or proof of shortcomings on your part.

Where Stress Comes From

Your lifestyle and/or your attitude toward your lifestyle can induce stress. But don't stress out over this! It's partly society's fault.

Nobody can be great at everything, including you. Once you learn to accept this, you take the first step toward managing your stress.

Here is a very simplified graph of how your body reacts to stress levels. As stress increases (red line), your body reacts accordingly by increasing the level of adrenaline. This is what some people call "positive stress." It does have its advantages, increased awareness, increased focus, and more but...

graphical representation of stress intensity versus time

Then comes a certain point where the adrenaline cannot keep increasing with your stress level. This is where you need to manage your stress levels.

If nothing is done and your body (and mind) stay under high stress levels for extended periods of time, it could lead to depression or emotional and/or physical breakdown.

Managing Your Stress

In order to manage your stress level, you should keep these stress management tips in mind:

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