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Solid Shampoo Bars: Pure Aromatherapy Heaven

Replace your regular shampoo by one of these solid shampoo bars from LUSH Cosmetics. Lush cosmetics Simply wet your hair and the puck of solid shampoo and "brush your hair" with it three times on the left, right and behind your head. That's it.

I guess you could rinse and repeat if you can't help yourself and want more of the delicious aromas!

Lush Skin Care Products
Godiva Solid ShampooGodiva Solid Shampoo

Discover the benefits that these solid shampoos can bring to your hair as well as a description of the easy aromatherapy recipes included in each solid hair shampoo.

Solid Shampoos

Use the Seanik Solid Shampoo by LUSHbuy solid shampoofrom Lush to add shine to your hair. This solid handmade solid shampoo contains citrus and seaweed for a lively fragrance.

Karma Komba Solid Shampoobuy solid shampoofrom Lush

The Karma Komba Solid Shampoobuy solid shampoofrom Lush shown on the left is perfect for everyone. It does what a shampoo needs to do: clean your hair and de-tangle it. Combined with relaxation massage techniques, it will also tone your scalp and help keep your sebum production balanced.

Do you tend to lose hair due to your hormones? Try this NEW! Solid Shampoobuy solid shampoofrom Lush is cinnamon-scented. It also have clove oils to help your hair follicles.

Do you have dark blonde hair and wish it could be a little lighter, naturally? Try this The Blonde Solid Shampoo.buy solid shampoofrom Lush It contains lots of chamomile to help you relax and bring out the natural blonde in your hair.

Godiva Handmade Solid Shampoo Barsbuy solid shampoofrom Lush (shown at the top of the page) will leave your hair well conditioned and looking like silk. Enjoy the cocoa butter and exotic oils that were mixed to create luscious hair.

For those who live in a town with hard water, you hair suffers from it, whether you want it to or not. Here's a solution from Lush. Try LUSH's Hard Water Shampoo Barbuy solid shampoofrom Lush. The added macadamia nut oil and cocoa butter will restore the shine of your hair and make it easy to manage.

Are you looking forward to using one of these handmade solid shampoos next time you wash your hair? You can also give them away as part of gift basket bath products.

Lush Bath Products

If you didn't find what you were looking for, you'll find your favorite solid shampoo recipe amongst these LUSH solid shampoo bars.

LUSH Bath bombs
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