Relaxation Meditation Techniques

Sleep and Insomnia

There are many relaxation meditation techniques being used in this world, enough to confuse most of us. This page explains the most common types of meditation techniques and provides link to free meditation scripts that you can use at home.

Definition of Meditation

Here are some ways you could define meditation:

Types of Meditation Techniques

The focus of meditation is the most important factor when determining the type of meditation. Here are some examples:

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Religion and Meditation

While some people meditate for religious reasons (Hinduism), many meditate for spiritual reasons, self-improvement, relaxation, self-discovery or some other personal reasons. Whether you are religious or not (or spiritual or not), meditation can help you relax in the safety of your home.

Find out how religion is related to meditation
Sleep and Insomnia

Meditation and Chakras

Chakras are energy centers that connect the various layers of our seven entities (physical, etheric, astral, lower mental, higher mental and buddhic and atmic). You can use these chakras when meditating.

Learn more about the chakras locations here or discover facts about chakra awakening right here.

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Relaxation Meditation Techniques

Discover some of the most powerful meditation techniques right here,mindfulness meditation or check out a list of recommended relaxation and meditation DVDs.

***Relaxation Meditation Techniques and Free Relaxation Scripts are Posted Here***

Curious about who talked about meditation? Read some meditation quotes.

Relaxation meditation techniques are also compatible with other relaxing practices such as yoga.

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Learn a positive meditation technique to improve your self-esteem and you can discover many more easy meditation techniques.

The deepest purpose of Meditation is to re-train our normal outward pointing consciousness to go within, to still the waves of restless thought, so we can see who we truly are; ever joyous, ever contented sparks of Cosmic Consciousness/God . In doing so, one is able to truly free his life from Misery Producing Consciousness, that not only limit our happiness but also our potential in every area in life. Learn how to meditate deeply.

Other Relaxation Meditation Techniques

The Meditation Techniques Guide offers in-depth knowledge of Meditation and a large collection of meditation techniques that help to reduce stress, achieve mental peace and tranquility, and a total self-transformation.

Learn how to meditate on your heart for physical, emotional and spiritual balance. Relieve stress and gain a more balanced mental and emotional state. Learn how to do meditation breathing correctly.

Guided Meditation Downloads and Meditation Music
The Guided Meditation Site is a comprehensive source of information and free downloads. Learn how to meditate, enjoy specialized music for meditation, and experience the bliss of guided imagery meditation.

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