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Relaxation Breathing Techniques

Is stress leading your life? Do you want some relaxation breathing techniques that you can follow easily and quickly? You should find what you're looking for on this page.

Here's the First of My Relaxation Breathing Techniques


Sounds silly?

Well, you should really give it a try.

Some say that the key to relaxation lies in your breathing.

You should aim at breathing slowly and deeply.

As those who practice yoga will attest, learning to breathe properly can take years of practice.

Proper Relaxation Breathing Techniques

Are You Breathing From the Chest or Diaphragm?

If you're curious about your current breathing habits, here's a quick test you can take that will immediately tell you what kind of breather you are. You need to stand in front of a mirror and be able to check your shoulder movement as you breathe.

How Can You Improve Your Relaxation Breathing Techniques?

Practice, practice and practice some more. How? Well, here's how:

Technique #1: Click here to get graphics for this first breathing technique.

Stand with your feet shoulder apart and your arms hanging loosely on your sides. Concentrate on your breathing. Inhale while counting to four.

The speed doesn't matter here, but keep in mind that the long-term goal will be to take more and more time to inhale and exhale.

Exhale, counting to four again. Inhale, and exhale. On your next inhale, bring your arms up so that by the time you reach "4", your hands will be above your head. Exhale and gradually bring your arms back down to your sides by the time you reach "4".

The movement of your arms will help promote a diaphragm movement while you breathe. Keep working on it. When you feel comfortable, add a 1-2 pause when your lungs are full and when they are empty.

If at any time you fell dizzy, you should stop and sit down.

Second Relaxation Breathing Technique

The second of these relaxation breathing techniques can be done while you are about to go to sleep. Lie down on your back with one hand on your chest.

Start by breathing normally (which will likely be chest breathing). Feel the motion of your chest.

With every breath, try to increase the quantity of air that you allow in and feel the difference in chest expansion. Mentally count from 1 to 4 as you inhale and from 1 to 4 as you exhale. Try to slow down your count until you reach the limits of comfortable breathing. This limit will be pushed with practice as you develop deeper and deeper breathing.

Once you reach a comfortable timing, try to add a 1-2 pause at the peak of your breath. Keep your lungs fully filled for 2 seconds, breathe out 1-4, then pause again for 2 seconds with your lungs empty before counting 1-4 as you inhale. This will require some practice, but don't give up.

Discover other relaxation breathing techniques you can learn in the comfort of your home.

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