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Relaxation Book of the Month
January 2008

Here are my January 2008 recommendations for Relaxation Book of the Month. Go ahead and enjoy these great books. The fiction novel is definitely not your typical novel and the non-fiction book can be either entertaining or enlightening, I'll let you make up your own mind about it.

If you disagree with my selections or want to add your comments, feel free to use the form provided at the bottom of this page. I will personally review your comments and include them on this page for others to see. Of course, I only publish comments relevant to the books that I recommend but if you have a suggestion for a book of month, let me know and I'll start reading right away.

Fiction Relaxation Book of the Month

My relaxation book of the month for January 2008 is Heart Of Stone A Novel by Renate Dorrestein. This Dutch writer is considered to be one of Holland's best-loved novelist and I certainly agree with her reputation based on this book alone. It isn't your typical happy novel, that's for sure.

It's the sad story of Ellen and her family who live in Holland while being immersed in a world of news-clipping that only cover the United States of America. It's a novel about life, death, and other obstacles that life throws at us. The novel is partially set in the years when Ellen was just a kid and twenty-five years later, when Ellen return to the house where she lived as a kid and where a dramatic turn of events damaged her forever.

Non-Fiction Book of the Month

My non-fiction relaxation book of the month for January 2008 is Remembering & Understanding Your Dreams by Craig Hamilton-Parker. While some of us may be able to figure out what our dreams are all about, most of us have trouble remembering our dreams, let alone interpreting those dreams. This book begins with an introduction of dreams as they are viewed by various past and present civilizations. It also contains tips and techniques to use to relax at home and create the ideal dream conditions. It also explains how to work towards remembering your dreams in easy step-by-step instructions.

Obviously, the title would be misleading if the book didn't offer ways to interpret our dreams, so the entire second half of the book is dedicated to doing just that. While the list of subjects covered in the book is far from exhaustive, it may be enlightening and definitely entertaining to read up on what the hidden meanings of your dreams may be.

If you have any additional comments to make on a relaxation book of the month, feel free to submit your own Relaxation Book of the Month Review using the form below.

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