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Relaxation Book of the Month
June 2008

Here are my June 2008 recommendations for the Relaxation Book of the Month. Go ahead and enjoy these great books: I have one fiction and one non-fiction book for you to choose from.

If you disagree with my selections or want to add your comments, feel free to use the form provided at the bottom of this page. I will review your comments and include them on this page for others to see. Of course, I only publish comments relevant to the books that I recommend but if you have a suggestion for a book of month, let me know and I'll start reading right away.

Fiction Relaxation Book of the Month

My fiction relaxation book of the month for June 2008 is Starting Out In the Afternoon by Jill Frayne. Being Canadian, I'm always interested in reading the works of Canadian authors and learning more about my country. This book allowed me to do both.

It is the story of a middle-aged woman traveling through Canada's wild landscape while learning more about herself. The descriptions are beautifully worded and should bring out emotions in the reader. It's a love story about nature and life in general.

Non-Fiction Book of the Month

My non-fiction relaxation book of the month for June 2008 is the Writing Diet by Julia Cameron. Ms. Cameron stumbled upon a side effect of her creative unblocking classes. After years of teaching students about creative recovery, she couldn't help but notice how using creativity in the students' life resulted in weight loss.

This book is not written by a dietitian so don't expect yet another diet that can't be followed. Instead, you'll find ways to tap into your creativity and write things down. Give yourself a chance to experience improved creative and see your weight adjust itself, slowly and surely into what you want it to be. Easy to read and follow.

If you have any additional comments to make on a relaxation book of the month, feel free to submit your own Relaxation Book of the Month Review using the form below.

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