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Relaxation Book of the Month - August 2008

Here are my August 2008 recommendations for the Relaxation Book of the Month. Go ahead and enjoy these great books by Stephen King: I have one fiction and one non-fiction book for you to choose from.

If you disagree with my selections or want to add your comments, feel free to use the form provided at the bottom of this page. I will review your comments and include them on this page for others to see. Of course, I only publish comments relevant to the books that I recommend but if you have a suggestion for a book of month, let me know and I'll start reading right away.

Fiction Relaxation Book of the Month

My non-fiction relaxation book of the month for August 2008 is On Writing by Stephen King.

I am an avid fan of Stephen King's written works. His ability to create these strange and scary worlds always keeps me in a spell from the first page up until his very last word.

This is what prompted me to pick this non-fiction book about his perspective on writing.

What surprised me greatly was his sense of humour in depicting the main events of his life. Through his initial struggles as a writer, to alcohol problems and an accident that almost killed him, you can also discover what made him such a wonderful writer.

The book also contains a second part, which contains Steve's practical advice for writers out there. A wonderful read for all Stephen King's fans.

Non-Fiction Relaxation Book of the Month

My fiction relaxation book of the month for August 2008 is the Mist by Stephen King.

After reading his autobiography/writing guide discussed above, I couldn't help but pick up another one of Stephen King's books. Although he has written many lengthy novels, I selected a shorter book: a novella called:Mist. This story has also made it into a movie.

The main character, Dave, is enjoying life by the lake with his wife Steph and son Bill when all of a sudden the weather turns bad. Really bad. A freak thunderstorm is followed by thick fog, which is definitely not your typical fog.

Great and quick read for an afternoon at the beach. Beware of the fog, though...

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