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Relaxation Book of the Month - April 2008

Here are my April 2008 recommendations for Relaxation Book of the Month. Go ahead and enjoy these great books: I have one fiction and one non-fiction book for you to choose from.

If you disagree with my selections or want to add your comments, feel free to use the form provided at the bottom of this page. I will personally review your comments and include them on this page for others to see.

Of course, I only publish comments relevant to the books that I recommend but if you have a suggestion for a book of month, let me know and I'll start reading right away.

Fiction Relaxation Book of the Month

My relaxation book of the month for April 2008 is Homefront by Chuck Logan.

Although is starts with a bullying incident that made me consider closing the book for good, I kept with the story and I am pleased that I did because the story was well told.

Phil Broker and Nina Pryce, along with their daughter Kit, move to Glacier Falls, Minnesota. It's a small town that has its own drama related to meth labs, mob, bullying and pollution.

A small incident between Kit and the local bully ends up snowballing into a nightmare situation. The army and police background of the parents comes in handy to deal with the unexpected repercussions.

Non-Fiction Relaxation Book of the Month

My non-fiction relaxation book of the month for April 2008 is 300 Handcrafted Soaps: Great Melt & Pour Projects by Marie Browning.

Are you looking for a fun project for spring? Why not make your own soap bars?

This book contains information about soap-making supplies, basic techniques, more advanced techniques and gives recipes as well as metric conversion factors.

The book includes special occasion soaps that you could create for weddings, baby showers, holidays, etc. It also includes recipes for therapeutic soaps, natural soaps and many decorative soaps.

A quick browse through the book will have you wanting these beautiful soap bars.

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