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Learn Basic Massage Techniques

Learning some basic massage techniques is the first step towards giving a massage that will provide great relaxation in the comfort of your home. You (and your partner) can benefit from a few simple massage moves that are easy to master.

Are you ready to learn how to give a massage?

Brushing Massage Technique

Finger brushing is great at the end of a massage

Think of your fingers as feathers. You want to lightly brush the skin. This particular technique is most effective at the end of the massage.

Karate Chop Massage Technique

This is what I call the karate chop massage technique

You tap your partner's skin with the outside edges of your hands. However, you need to remember that this isn't a karate chop meant to break a piece of wood. Be gentle!

Try to keep a good rhythm and don't tighten your wrists.

Kneading Massage

Kneading is an important massage technique

Have you ever made your own bread? Or perhaps watched your grandmother make bread? The kneading massage technique is very similar to kneading dough.

Using both your hands, roll and press the muscles like they were dough. You can use your fingers separately if you want or used them together in a larger kneading motion. Kneading muscles helps promote relaxation, improves circulation and loosens tight muscles.

Massaging the Pressure Points

How to apply point pressure during a massage
Sleep and Insomnia

You have probably had "stress knots" at some point in your life. For me, stress tends to accumulate just below my neck, on my back and around my shoulders.

For other people, it may act on their lower back or somewhere else. You can normally detect these knots while you are massaging someone. They feel hard and resemble knots.

To release them, apply pressure with your thumbs and/or index finger. Press hard but not too hard that you hurt the person you are massaging. Keep the pressure for about 10 seconds, then release.

To enhance the benefits of this technique, the person receiving the massage should breathe in as you apply pressure and breathe out as your remove pressure.

How to Give Massage Strokes

Strokes are a very common massage technique.

Try to picture your hands being the strong current in a river. Your hands move in long strokes, in a flowing motion. You can use both hands together or separately. The pressure is very light, but heavier than finger brushing.

The benefits of using this particular massage technique are numerous. For example, this technique is normally done at the beginning of a massage session, and aims to spread the massage oil.

The strokes also help the recipient become accustomed to your touch so that the following movements don't come as a surprise.

Sleep and Insomnia

Other Massage Techniques

There are many other massage techniques in this world. Here are a couple more.

I hope that these massage techniques will come in handy for your next massage. Don't forget that you don't need to have someone else to massage you (although it helps!). If you are sore from running, you can massage your own calves. If you are stressed and feel some pain around your neck, you can try to relieve the stress knots yourself.

One important thing to remember when you use these massage techniques is to use great essential oils.

It's Time to Give a Massage

You can double the benefits of the massage by combining physical relaxation with mental relaxation with such oils as lavender, chamomile, etc. Don't be afraid to experiment a little, but start with small quantities.

Sometimes all you need to make a good massage great is a massage guide or a set of massage instructions. Here are lots of easy tips to help you master your massage techniques.

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