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Quick and Easy Massage Guide

Sometimes all you need to make a good massage great is a massage guide or a set of massage instructions. Here are lots of easy tips to help you master your massage techniques.

Tips For Giving a Great Massage

Make sure to cover the "work surface" with a thick towel that will absorb excess oil but that will still bring additional comfort to the person receiving the massage.

Set the mood by adjusting the temperature.

Light up a few aromatherapy scented candles.

Play some nice relaxing music.

Before applying oil to your partner's skin, pour it in your hands and warm it up.

Keep you nails short. There's nothing worse than scratching someone's skin while they are trying to relax!

Cover your partner's bottom with a towel if he/she desires so.

Always work towards the heart. Work from the ankles up and from the fingers to the shoulders.

A body massage should always be distributed evenly across the body. Here is a good time distribution.

Other Massage Guide Tips

Always use high-quality essential oils diluted in a carrier oil. If you don't know which oils to use, I recommend a mix of lavender and sage. These two oils combine cleansing, detoxifying and relaxing effects.

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