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You don't need to spend a fortune to enjoy home spa relaxation treatments like these facial, manicure and pedicure treatments. Spoil yourself a little!

You may also be interested in these convenient facials, bath and shower treatments to relax and unwind at home.

Relaxation Spa Treatment: Facials

Most of the ingredients for these facials can be found in your kitchen or in your grocery store.

Home Spa Relaxation - Manicure

Do you want to enjoy beautiful hands without splurging at the local spa? Follow these easy steps:

  1. Cut a lemon in half and add its juice to 250 ml (1 cup) of warm water.
  2. Soak your fingers in it for about 5 minutes.
  3. Push back your cuticles.
  4. Once you're done, use the lemon peel and rub it aginst the nails (back and forth) to freshen the look of your nails.
  5. Moisturize your fingers with petroleum jelly. It will also prevent polish from sticking around the nails.
  6. Apply nail polish and let it dry thoroughly.

Home Spa Relaxation - Pedicure

You can follow the manicure treatment above for your feet. If you have particular problem areas, this information may be helpful:

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