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Buy Black Tea Online

Have you been trying to buy black tea online? You have to fully research the online stores before making the final click. I have spent countless hours doing just that... Hence my passion for relaxation at home...

Bad news, there are lots of overpriced, cheap products out there.

Good news, there is one reputable company that I highly recommend. They sell high quality teas and all the related tea equipment that you will ever need.

Where and How to Buy Tea Online?

So how do you buy tea online? Easy but first, do you really know what kind of black tea you like? I mean have you tried a variety or do you simply think of black tea as one size fits all? A good place to start when buying black tea online is with a sampler kit like the one below.

Black Sampler
Black Sampler

Learning a little bit of tea information wouldn't hurt either... Did you know that the major difference between green tea and black tea is not the plant?

All teas basically grow from the same plants.

Green tea is steamed to prevent fermentation before being dried and rolled.

Black tea is allowed to ferment until the leaves turn a rusty red then the leaves are dried and rolled.

Flavors can also be infused through various techniques, but there you have it... The difference between green and black tea lies in fermentation...

Perhaps you would like to buy other types of tea? Who know your quest to buy black tea online may lead you to a new passion.

Free Wrapping when you buy tea online

Not sure tea is really your thing? There are other alternatives. If you don't want to buy black tea online, check out my comfort food recipes.

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