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Black Loose Leaf Tea

Black loose leaf tea existed way before black tea bags came along. Tea bags were invented by Thomas Sullivan, a tea and coffee merchant from New York City in 1904. Black loose tea (and bagged black tea) is particularly well-suited to cut the "fatty intakes" that a typical western breakfast offers (e.g., fried eggs, sausage, buttered toast, etc.)

Varieties of Black Loose Leaf Tea

Here are a few common varieties of black teas:

Here are some common "off-the-shelf" tea names that you will recognize. The black loose leaf tea version that you can buy is even better than the bagged version you may have grown accustomed to.

Black Sampler
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  • English Breakfast: It's a blend of teas from India and Sri Lanka. English Breakfast is perfect if you like a full bodied flavor and it goes well with milk.
  • Irish Breakfast: This blend contains more Assam and Sri Lanka teas than the English Breakfast blend, and as such, it is heartier. You can add milk and sugar for a different taste.
  • Earl Grey: My favorite regular blend of black loose leaf tea. It contains bergamot essential oil whose strength varies from one supplier to the next. Delicious in the morning!

All of these are available through the tea supplier that is advertised on the right. I sincerely recommend them for their quality products and fast service. I'm one of their biggest customer because they provide delicious and fresh teas at a very reasonable price.

Test them for yourself and let me know if you disagree.

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Health Benefits to Black Loose Leaf Tea

Are you having trouble getting rid of colds or other seasonal diseases? Perhaps your immune system could use a little help. Do you think that green tea is the only type of tea that can help you there?

Black tea can help you too! Theanine, an amino acid present in the tea plant boosts the disease-fighting capacity of gamma delta T cells.

In 2003, the Brigham and Women's Hospital released details of a research project comparing coffee and tea drinkers and the response of their immune system when fighting infection.

The results indicated that the tea drinkers had an anti-bacterial count up to five times higher than those who drank coffee. Go get another cup!

Learn more on black loose leaf tea. You can also visit the comfort food page for great recipes to enjoy at home while sipping that cup of tea.

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