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Making a Bayberry Candle

Bayberry Picture

This picture was taken from the Myrica page on Wikipedia. A bayberry candle is made from this beautiful red or black fruit.

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If you happen to be lucky (and patient) enough to gather up 15 pounds of bayberries, you can create about 1 pound of bayberry wax.

You would first have to remove the waxy surface of the fruit by boiling the berries and skimming the wax that floats to the surface of the water... Who's got enough time?

Our ancestors did, but I know I don't... This is why these candles are so special.

What is Bayberry Wax?

Bayberry wax is also known as "myrtle wax" and normally has an earthly fragrance and results in a slightly olive green-tinted candle when the wax dries.

If a bayberry taper candle burns down fully, it is said to bring good luck to the household.

Where Can You Purchase 100% Pure Bayberry Candles?

The bayberry wax sold through this reputable and high-quality online store is 100% pure and natural and will create beautiful dipped tapers.

Note: DO NOT use this wax for votive candles, tea lights, pillar candles or other types of candles.
100%  Pure Bayberry Wax - 1 Lb. Blocks

Enter "bayberry wax" in the Quick Find box on the right

You can also purchase a pair of Bayberry Scented Taper Candles
Purchase Bayberry Candle Dye

You should be aware that the melting point of bayberry wax is approximately 47 C (116 F). You can also mix beeswax with bayberry wax to create beautiful dipped tapers.

Learn how to make a dipped bayberry candle or taper candle.

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