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Astral Travel and Relaxation

Sleep and Insomnia

Astral travel and relaxation have been around for centuries. Sometimes referred to as astral projection, out-of-body experience or mind travel, it is a tool that can enhance your life by allowing you let go of your worries and explore other planes of reality.

Sure, this may sound like non-sense to you right now, but let me put some light on it.

To get you started on your astral projection kit, check out these definitions.

What if...?

What if you could travel the world without spending a penny?

What if you could find out what happened to your best friend from high school?

What if you could astral time travel and relive part of our history?

What if you could discover why you were put on earth?

What if you could meet the love of your life?

Discover the top 12 reasons to astral travel.

The Next Occult Frontier

Rest assured that no matter what your religious beliefs (or non-beliefs) are, astral travel does not have to contradict the rules by which you lead your life. It is just another way to expand your knowledge, increase your spiritual awareness or guide you towards what you really want in life.

You can also combine astral travel and relaxation to allow you to unwind and reflect on what you are currently doing with your life.

We were born, live, work and will die in the real world. For some people, this plane of reality is all they will ever know. Fortunately, exploring other parallel planes of reality are just a few exercises away.

How Did They Do It?

Remember those pyramids in Egypt? And all those structures built by the Aztecs, Mayans, Incas... They were built centuries ago, yet the knowledge needed to built such structures seems almost out of time.

What about the scientists who could map out the stars? The accuracy with which they could pinpoint the astral bodies was incredible. It was probably people just like you and me that astral travelled to gain knowledge with the help of their astral projection guide.

Me, Astral Travelling?

Did you ever experience deja-vu? What about the feeling of falling as you're about to go to sleep? Have you ever laid in bed while finishing a dream the way you wanted it to end?

The true is, most of us have already done it without even knowing we did it. The good news is that with a little practice, you can learn to do it on command. The first step towards astral travel is to get over your fears of possible astral projection dangers.

What to do next? Here is a list of useful information pages that you should read:

If your astral body can't seem to leave your physical body, these tips on astral projection might be helpful. Or you can start with something a little easier such as mind travel.

Astral travel and relaxation can be a bit of a Catch 22... Astral travel will help you relax, but you need to be relaxed to astral travel... If this is the case, you need to break the pattern or cycle in order to work on astral travel and relaxation.

Perhaps taking a few days off work, or checking out other relaxation techniques will help you combine astral travel and relaxation.

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