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Find your Astral Projection Guide

Have you heard or wondered about having an astral projection guide? Many believe that there are guides in the astral plane who are there to help all astral travellers.

The Astral Plane

There are no two descriptions of the astral plane that are identical. Why is that? Well, it has a lot to do with your culture, your values, your religion, and the overall way you were brought up and have come to regard life, your environment and all life forms.

I strongly recommend watching the movie What Dreams May ComeWhat Dreams May Come DVD Widescreen starring Robin Williams. The story itself is not about astral travelling, it is about a man coping with the death of his family and his own death. However, the way he experiences heaven is very similar to the way you may experience the astral plane.

Astral Symbols

There are various symbols on the astral plane. You and only you can understand the meaning of these symbols in your vision of the astral plane because they are your own subconscious representation of key elements.

For example, many people will come across majestic gates or dramatic doorways. For these people, the gate may signify a rite of passage of some sort based on how they were brought up.

For example, in American culture, it is a tradition to have the new husband carry his wife through the doorway of their home as a rite of passage into the next phase of their life: marriage.

As this example proves, several symbols will be subtle in meaning, but only you (and your astral projection guide) will be able to make any sense out of them.

Keep experimenting with possible explanations and meanings to the symbols you'll encounter but keep in mind that while some symbols are universally recognized, many will require you to explore your personality and your beliefs in order to determine the meaning of these symbols.

There are many astral levels or astral planes. Many believe that you must achieve a certain level of personal development prior to being allowed onto the next plane or realm. You may want to stay on the first astral plane and exploring or perhaps work on your personal self with the help of your astral projection guide and be granted access to the next level.

Astral Projection Guide

So what is an astral projection guide? Basically, it's an entity who is on the astral plane to help you and guide you through your astral experience. You may encounter these guides as religious figures if religion is important to you, or perhaps as angels or even animals. As I mentioned before, the way you see other astral bodies and other entities is based on your background and culture.

For example, if, when you hear the word wise, you think of an old man with glasses and a long beard, then you will likely encounter some wise entities looking exactly like that. Perhaps your vision of your guide will be more an auditory experience and you will hear a reassuring voice instead of seeing a reassuring figure.

You may wonder how to get one of these guides... If you've already astral travelled, you probably already have one (unless you're astral travelling for the wrong reasons). If you are travelling for the right reasons (i.e., self improvement, knowledge, etc.) then you simply need to be aware that you have a guide and pay attention to your surroundings and you should be able to recognize your astral projection guide.

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