Astral Projection Danger

Many new astral travellers wonder about the presence of a possible astral projection danger. Many horror movies have put some irrational thoughts in our brains, and it may be hard to get over our fears.

Astral Projection: Common Fears

Here are the most common fears associated with astral travel:

  • What if I can't return to my physical body? You will soon discover that the problem is normally the other way around... Simply thinking about your physical body will bring you back. It's impossible to lose your physical body because it is connected to your astral body by a silver cord.
  • Could my physical body get hurt while my astral body is away? No. The first sign of anything abnormal will immediately bring your astral body back. For example, if your body hears a loud noise, or senses a change of temperature, your astral body will immediately return to your physical body.

Getting Over Astral Travel Dangers

It might also reassure you to know that once on the astral plane, you will have access to an astral projection guide who can help you avoid any astral projection danger.

I recommend you watch these free astral projection videos to learn more.

If you think that I have overlooked some issues and/or want to suggest another potential astral projection danger, please contact me and I will do my best to answer your questions.

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