Improve Your Astral Travel Techniques

One way to improve your odds of astral traveling is to work on your astral travel techniques.

Sometimes our subconscious is preventing us from astral projecting because of a recent increase in stress levels or unpleasant experiences.

If this is the case, you need to remove all your fears and convince yourself that you can and will astral travel.

If your last astral experience was not as pleasant as it should have been, try to remind yourself that nothing bad can happen to you in the astral plane.

Getting Rid of Astral Travel Fears

You may come across negative entities at times, but all you have to do is wish to avoid them and your astral body will. They are easy to spot because of a negative energy field around them. Avoid anyone with dark auras.

If you have other fears (perhaps unconscious fears), you will not be able to astral travel (OBE). Get rid of all your unfounded fears about projection dangers here.

Sleep and Insomnia

Another option is to "protect" yourself before you leave your body. You can place salt at the north, south, east and west corners of the area from which you normally leave your body.

For example, you could put a little pile of salt next to each leg of your bed if this is where you normally astral project from.

You can also request that your astral guide be there to help you throughout your OBE. Most people believe that astral guides are with you at all times when you are on the astral plane.

The purpose of astral guides is to help you with self improvement and self awareness while on the astral plane. They can help you reach the next realm if you so desire.

Astral Travel Techniques - Dos and Don'ts

Sometimes, OBE can't happen because of the way we express ourselves. Talking to our friends about our OBEs shouldn't affect our abilities at all, unless we keep reaffirming that we can't have OBEs anymore... If you keep repeating something aloud, no matter how true or wrong, your subconscious starts to believe it.

Call it visualization if you wish, it's kind of what athletes do in their mind to physically improve their performance. It has been proven to work.

Here is what I recommend you do to improve your astral travel techniques:

Hopefully this was helpful. Learn more about preparatory astral travel techniques.

You can also watch these free astral projection videos to learn more.

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