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Choose The Perfect
Aromatherapy Candle Gift

There is always a special person in your life that deserves the perfect aromatherapy candle gift. I'm sure your friend would love a scented candle like the one of the right that was selected especially for him or her.

Here is some information that will help you select the perfect candle gift for your special friend, whether you select some aromatherapy soy candles, an aromatherapy candle gift basket or simply a lovely scented candle to match your friend's decor.

Indochine Aromatherapy Candles - Round Pillar

First, Define the Purpose

Sleep and Insomnia

First and foremost, you should always remember to focus on the recipient and his or her needs, not your personal taste.

Does your friend sometimes mention being tired or stressed out?

What kind of home does your friend live in?

Does your friend have young children?

Here are some tools to help you select the aromatherapy benefit that you may want your friend to obtain. For example, if your friend regularly suffers from cold and breathing problems due to a stuffed nose, he or she could benefit from Eucalyptus Essential Oil (click to buy).eucalyptus essential oil

If depression is an issue, grapefruit or other citrus aromas can be beneficial. I would recommend this variety of aromatherapy candles:

Therepe Scented Soy Tin Candles - Mandarin Grapefruit

Obviously, you need to keep your friend's tastes in mind when selecting an aroma. For more information on specific aromas that can be used to relax at home, visit the aromatherapy and relaxation page.

Other Aromatherapy Candle Ideas to Consider

If you don't really know of an area in your friend's life that could be improved by aromatherapy, you can probably think of where he or she would end up using your aromatherapy candle gift.

Does he or she enjoy long baths?

You can choose a colour that will go with the bathroom color scheme. Did you know that candles can be one way to improve Feng Shui in the home?

If you're looking for aromatherapy soy candles with the added benefit of relaxation, I recommend these candles:

Bartlett Pear Aromatherapy Candles - Round Pillar
Therepe Scented Soy Tin Candles - Lavender

Before Buying, Define the Occasion

Are you planning a birthday party? Is Christmas around the corner? What about Valentine's Day?

There's always the I just felt like it time of year for your special friend...

If you have a special occasion in mind, try to work it in your aromatherapy candle gift without overdoing it.

For example, for Christmas, go ahead and include a Red Diamond Reed Diffuser BottleRed Diamond Reed Diffuser Bottle, a red cinnamon-scented candlered cinnamon scented candle, or perhaps some White and Green Christmas Tree Votiveswhite and green christmas votives, but don't forget the practicality of your gift.

You should select it so that it will be easy for your friend to use.

Sleep and Insomnia

Here are some great ideas if you are looking for an aromatherapy candle gift or the perfect holiday candle. It includes suggestions for:

Once you have defined the purpose of the aromatherapy candle gift and selected the occasion, you are ready to select your aromatherapy candle gift basket or candles.

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