Aromatherapy Suppliers

Looking for quality aromatherapy products that won't cost a fortune?
I recommend:

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Finding an Aromatherapy Supplier

For those who are looking for an online aromatherapy supplier, visit this retailer's site. There are many online retailers that can provide you with all the aromatherapy products you need, including stores like Amazon. See below for a selection of products available on Amazon:

If you're looking for aromatherapy product recommendations, this page mentions some great aromatherapy blends recipes, candles, reed diffusers and aromatherapy formulas and recipes that are available online from a reputable aromatherapy supplier.

Bartlett Pear Aromatherapy Candles - Round Pillar

You would like to start using aromatherapy but don't know how? The simplest way is by using aromatherapy candles such as this Bartlett Pear Aromatherapy Candles - Round Pillar.

Chamomile is known for its relaxing properties and it's great for those who have trouble falling asleep. Simply light the candle and read a book nearby for about half an hour while sipping a cup of delicious Chamomile Tea from Adagio

Your bed will be calling your name... at last!

Aromatherapy for Beginners

If you're not looking for a particular aromatherapy benefit and just want to try aromatherapy, then I recommend that you start with a common oil scent that brings back happy memories for you.

It could be vanilla , rose , bergamot orange , jasmine or some other scent. We all have favorite aromas. I suggest that you use a burner with a few drops of essential oils diluted in water. Most of the commonly used burners are heated with a tea light, like the one shown on the right.

Aromatherapy Essential Oils - RelaxationAromatherapy Essential Oils - Relaxation

If you would prefer to use scented candles, there are also many aromatherapy suppliers that sell aromatherapy candles. You can also be a little different from everyone and melt waffle bars such as these waffle bars. Lavender is another aromatherapy scent that will help you relax and soothe your mind.

Aromatherapy Blends Recipes

You can always follow easy aromatherapy recipes by blending your own essential oils. If you prefer having the work done for you, here are a few aromatherapy formulas recipes that have already been mixed for you:

Indochine Aromatherapy Candles - Round Pillar offers a cooling and refreshing scent
Mountain Temple Aromatherapy Candles - Round Pillar to center your mind and give you strength
Bartlett Pear Aromatherapy Candles - Round Pillar to bring summer indoors

If in doubt, read more about finding aromatherapy products right here.

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Note: The information contained on this aromatherapy skincare page is for educational purposes only and does not replace the advice of a physician and/or other health specialist. Precautions must be taken to ensure aromatherapy does not conflict with existing medical conditions.