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Relaxation-at-Home #50 - Tips to beat insomnia and improve sleep
November 15, 2011

Daylight Savings Time ended on November 6 and it made me think about the lack of sunshine and how it affects our sleep cycle.

Many people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which can make them prone to depression during the winter months. By sticking to a regular sleep schedule and getting outside during the day to enjoy some sunshine, you can minimize the effects of SAD.

Here are some tips on how to improve your sleep patterns:

10 Tips to Beat Insomnia

Do you enjoy a glass of wine before bed?

Do you catch up with friends on Facebook a few minutes before going to bed?

These habits can wreak havoc with your quality of sleep. Read this article to learn how to beat insomnia (or improve the quality of your sleep):

10 tips to beat insomnia

Aromatherapy for Sleep

Interested in using aromas to help you sleep better?

You can add 3 drops of bergamot oil to your evening bath or spray some lavender linen spray on your pillow.

Herbal Tea for Sleep

Of course, you should avoid caffeinated beverages before going to bed, but you can still enjoy caffeine-free herbal teas. In fact, many of them will help you fall asleep.

Learn more about my favorite bedtime tea: chamomile tea.

Learn how to make herbal tea.

Book of the Month

This month, I recommend a great mystery thriller and a book filled with great visualization scripts and techniques.

Book of the Month for November 2011

Remember to Relax

That's it for now.

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Remember to make time for relaxation on a daily basis and I'll be back next month with more relaxation tips.

Caroline Begin
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