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Relaxation-at-Home #58 - Stress management and relaxation techniques for the upcoming school year
August 28, 2012

There are only a few days left before school starts! Are you and your children ready? This time of year can often be stressful for us... and it can also be stressful for our children.

This month, I will share a few relaxation tips that can help lower your stress levels during the upcoming school year:

  • Avoid or at least reduce your caffeine intake. Children prone to stress should avoid sodas, energy drinks and coffee! Read more about caffeine-free alternatives here.
  • Reflect on the bigger picture. Children can make a mountain out of a molehill, which can quickly lead to a temper tantrum or even a panic attack. By carefully exposing your children to age-appropriate situations that are worse than theirs, they will be in a better position to appreciate what they have. After seeing that, they won't worry so much about not owning the latest technology, fashion, etc. For example, such activities could be watching a certain section of the evening news, volunteering with you at a homeless shelter, collecting food for a local food bank, etc.
  • Sit down with your children and agree on a daily routine. Set strict times for getting up and going to bed and make sure to schedule at least three hours of physical activity for them each week. Exercise doesn't have to be expensive! Running shoes and access to a community park could be all that's required.

    If you can combine your physical activities with theirs, you'll also save time and money going to the park, gym, arena, school, etc.

    Children can learn to like physical exercise when they have a parent as a role model. Assuming your child is old enough, why don't you both sign up for a 1, 2 or even 5K run together? Making a firm commitment will keep you both motivated. Endorphins released during your runs will help you relax when life gets more stressful.

    If your children are too young to run, go for a jog by yourself if you can. Runs provide plenty of thinking time, so you can reflect on current problems and come up with creative solutions!

    Learn more on how running can reduce stress here.

Discover more stress management and relaxation techniques here.

Book of the Month

This month, I review a meditation book as well as the second installment in The Hunger Games series. Read my book reviews here.

More Relaxation Tips Next Month

That's it for now.

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Remember to make time for relaxation on a daily basis and I'll be back next month with more relaxation tips.

Caroline Begin
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