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Relaxation-at-Home newsletter, Issue #012 -- Stress and Your Sleep Cycle
April 30, 2008

Your stress levels may have been significantly higher these last few weeks while tying up the loose ends of your 2007 fiscal year. I'm sure glad it's over... for now.

You've probably noticed that stress affects your sleep cycle and vice-versa. Is there anything you can do about it? Well... I can't promise that you'll be stress free tomorrow, but there are some things that you can do that will help. I'll mention a few of these things in this newsletter. This newsletter will also glance at the latest additions to the Relaxation at Home website and give you more information on the upcoming pages.


Some of use can't get enough sleep for some reason or another; blame it on jetlag, stress, worries or health problems. Your biological clock or circadian rhythm is what regulates the cycle of production of melatonin, which is part of the reason why your body wants to sleep when it's dark and be awake when there is daylight outside. (Who knows, the night hawks amongst ourselves may be on a different circadian schedule all together...)

How does your body react around those times of year when we change time? If you're anything like me, it's a little challenging to get up for the first week or so following the spring time change. It doesn't matter if it's only an hour difference. The same goes for travelling across time zones or... sleeping in on the weekends.

I will be the first to admit enjoying lying around in bed on Saturday and Sunday mornings. This pleasant, lazy habit of mine contradicts my circadian rhythm, which wants me to keep getting up around sunrise, even on weekends.

To keep your stress levels low and improve your sleep patterns, try to follow a similar sleep routine, even on weekends. Find out more right here:

Sleep Wake Cycle


Spending lots of time staring at a computer screen can create tension in your neck and shoulders. Here is an easy exercise to help release this strain:

Yoga Exercise for Shoulders


Another way to reduce stress is through the use of the beneficial aspects of certain aromas. Simple things such as candles or oil burners with a few drops of certain essential oils can significantly reduce stress, improve your mood or bring up your energy levels. If you are interested in trying out aromatherapy or looking for an online suppliers of essential oils or burning waffle bars, check this page:

Aromatherapy Supplier

Book of the Month

And don't forget to check out my my two recommendations for a fiction and non-fiction

Book of the Month

Upcoming Pages

You can expect some minor changes on my candle pages as I have decided to advertise for a different affiliate program. The new company offers excellent products at very competitive prices. I will also be adding more pages to the site as time permits.

That's it for this month.

Relax and enjoy!

Caroline Begin
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