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Relaxation-at-Home newsletter, Issue #038 -- Halloween Ideas
October 17, 2010

Life sometimes takes us for a ride at highway speed. All we can do is buckle up and hang on tight, but let's not forget to enjoy the scenery along the way!

Yes, Halloween is already around the corner, and the holiday season will follow shortly thereafter. Where has time gone?

Here are a few relaxation ideas that you can try this Halloween.

1. If you have children, work on a craft project together. For example, you could take an empty shoe box, some cardboard, colored paper and crayons and turn it into a candy box (where you will keep the candy that you hand out to trick-or-treaters). You can also create or decorate the bag they will use for trick-or-treating.

2. Don't wait until October 31 to get your candy. Plan ahead (and if, like me, you have trouble resisting sweets, keep them away from sight until then!)

3. Yes, having your kids running around the neighbourhood can be a little stressful, especially with so many drivers on the road. If you are not accompanying them, make sure their costumes have reflective stripes and give them clear directions as to how and when to cross the road, how far they can go, etc. They should never trick-or-treat alone. Make sure that an adult is present or, if old enough, that they do it in groups.

4. Enjoy Halloween and get in the spirit of it! Put a little make-up on your face, wear a hat and enjoy this fun tradition, even if all you do is hand out candy at home. Why not invite a friend over and enjoy the evening together?

5. Of course, make sure to inspect your children's candy when they come back. You can also spend time listening to their stories. They will have seen strange costumes and funny-looking characters… It's always good to communicate with them and every conversation helps build stronger relationships between children and parents!.

Remember, in order to enjoy life, you must make time for yourself and for relaxation activities. Don't forget to enjoy the scenery as life takes you on its hectic ride!

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Remember to take time to relax when you can!

Caroline Begin

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