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Relaxation-at-Home newsletter, Issue #010 -- Getting over a cold
February 01, 2008

The cold winter keeps hitting us with freezing temperatures, our homes have ultra dry heat and the commute to and from work takes us across a myriad of climates... Are you ready to fight your next cold or flu?

This newsletter will glance at the latest additions to the Relaxation at Home website and give you more information on the upcoming pages.

Yoga Poses for Cold

If you are unlucky enough to be one of the many who will suffer from a cold this winter, don't feel like you have to stop all activities. There are still some activities that you can enjoy while recovering from your cold. Ideally, you want to stick to easy and relaxing exercises that will not put a heavy strain on your body. Certain yoga asanas are perfect for those of you who currently suffer from a cold or flu. Read more on it right here:

Yoga Poses for Cold

One of the new asanas that are included in the Relaxation at Home website is a very straight forward and easy pose to learn:

The Corpse Pose

Yes, it is as easy as it sounds... Try it out for yourself before falling asleep tonight.

Feng Shui

Some of you contacted me with specific questions about the flow of energy throughout your home. One of the key components of feng shui is Chi, which is the energy that flows through your home. If you suffer from a cold and are trying to get some rest and relaxation, you need to ensure the energy in your bedroom isn't overly active. You should remove all water pictures or fish tanks from a bedroom. Also, if your door is directly aligned with your windows, your bed shouldn't be placed in the path of that energy flow. Such a direct and fast flow of energy could prevent you from getting a good night sleep.

Try to put heavy curtains on your windows so that the energy flow can be slowed down. You can also use large objects to absorb some of this energy. Read more here:

Feng Shui Remedies

Comfort Food and Tea

When you suffer from a cold, food doesn't taste as good as it normally does... Like your doctor has probably told you many times, drink plenty of fluids. Try some chicken soup and enjoy a nice cup of green tea. The antioxidants in green and white tea can help speed up your recovery. Read more about the benefits of tea right here:

Benefits of Green Tea

Green Sampler

Green Sampler

A wonderful introduction to the wide range of green teas, including: green pekoe - light daily brew from China hojicha - charcoal-roasted tea from Japan citron green - green tea with lemon & lime sencha - smooth everyday tea from Japan gunpowder - smoky tea from coastal China

Book of the Month for February 2007

Once again, I have picked one fiction and one non-fiction book for you to read and relax. Check out my latest recommendations right here:

Book of the Month

Upcoming Pages

Once again, I'll be adding new pages to my website as time allows. I expect to be adding a few more pages to the yoga section and home spa section.

That's it for this month.

Relax and Stay Warm!

Caroline Begin
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