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Relaxation-at-Home newsletter, Issue #017 -- Full Body Relaxation
September 30, 2008

Could your body use a little more relaxation? Most of us carry stress in our back and around our neck. If your job is physically demanding, you probably have sore muscles on a regular basis.

Is there something you can do to relax your body (and mind)? This newsletter will give you a few tips and techniques that you can use to relax in the comfort of your home.

Home Spa

Most people take showers on a regular basis. Some prefer morning showers and some prefer evening showers. There are also those who would rather soak in a tub filled with warm, relaxing water. But are all showers and baths created equal? Definitely not!

There are many things you can do to enhance the benefits you get from your shower or bath. For example, if your goal is to get out of bed and go to work feeling refreshed, your body and mind would greatly benefit from the aroma of grapefruit and other citrus fruits.

Citrus fruits have well-known aromatherapy benefits which include increasing mental alertness and improving your mood. If your muscles are aching, peppermint is a great way to send a tingling sensation through your skin and muscles. It will also cool you off in the summer and warm you up in the winter. To find out more about choosing the right bath and shower gel, visit this page:

Bath and Shower Gel

How about your skin? Could it use a little tender care? Dusting powders are a great way to soothe your skin and leave it feeling soft and smooth. And for those with smelly feet or excessive perspiration, dusting powders can also help.

How can you relax with dusting powders? Let your partner sprinkle some dusting powder on your body with a feather after a full body massage and you'll be in pure relaxation heaven. Once again, aromatherapy benefits can also be incorporated in the right dusting powders. To find out more, visit this page:
Natural Dusting Powders


Pilates can be used to tone your body and strengthen your core muscles but they are also a wonderful way to relax at home. Here are some easy (and not so easy) exercises that you can try at home to relax your back and tone your legs and abs:

Leg Toning Workout

Easy Abdominal Workout

Advanced Abdominal Workout

Find Out More About the Best Pilates DVDs

Book of the Month

And don't forget to check out my my two recommendations for a fiction and non-fiction books right here:

Book of the Month

Upcoming Pages

I will be adding several pages to various areas of the site as time permits. Stay posted and come back to visit Relaxation at Home.

That's it for this month.

Relax and enjoy!

Caroline Begin
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