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Relaxation-at-Home newsletter, Issue #003 -- June is here: Time to relax at home!
June 03, 2007

June is already here and I got my first sunburn of the year. The weather in Calgary has just been amazing this weekend, and I hope that the weather has also been good for you, wherever you are in this beautiful world. I had enough free time in May to add a few pages to my website and this newsletter will summarize the latest additions to Relaxation-at-Home and, of course, will give you a preview of what I intend to post in June 2007.

Relaxation-at-Home Sitemap

It was long overdue, but I finally posted a link to all the pages from this sitemap page: Relaxation at Home Sitemap I hope that you will find it useful and that it will help you find the information you are looking for.

Yoga at Home: More Asanas

Several yoga pages were added to Yoga for Meditation and Relaxationin May, some of them more advanced than others. Here's a summary:

Cow Face Yoga Pose. This pose is a great way to reduce anxiety, relieve back pain, relieve stiffness around the neck and shoulders, improve posture, stimulate kidney functions and improve breathing. Beginner level although you may need a belt if you can't make your hands meet.

Dolphin Asana. The dolphin asana is a great way to improve your yoga skills so that you can start practicing some intermediate and advanced asanas. This position will strengthen your back, stomach and arm muscles.

Baby Yoga Pose or Child Pose. Child pose or baby yoga pose is a great way to relax and a great "in between asanas" break. It is particularly good between asanas that work on the stomach or back muscles. It allows your body to relax in a very comfortable position. Beginner level.

Downward Dog or Yoga Dog Pose. Downward dog is one of the many positions included in the Sun Salutation Series which is an intense series of positions for yoga beginners.

Asanas for Low Back Pain. If you suffer from low back pain, read this short page that gives you directions on which asanas to practice to help you get rid of low back pain.

Ashtange Asana Sequence. This page describes an additional asana that can be performed in the Sun Salutation Series.

Yoga Pose Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana. This position should not be attempted by people with back problems. Intermediate level position that helps improve your balance, concentration and helps strengthen your legs and hips.

Book of the Month for June 2007

New month, new book of the month. My reviews for a different fiction and non-fiction book have been posted. I have chosen a great down-to-earth financial book and a fictional novel about a search for an extinct bird. Check out the latest books of the month.

Facts about Tea

Have you ever wondered what makes green tea green and black tea black? What is the difference between the two types? Which one is healthier? Learn about that as well as oolong, pouchong, white and scented teas right here: Facts about Tea.

I also posted a page on rosehip tea. Learn about the benefits of drinking this tea and how you can make it right here: Rosehip Tea

Gourmet Tea Set

What to expect in June 2007?

Once again, I'll be adding new pages to my yoga section with instructions, health benefits and sketches of what the asanas look like. These new pages are expected to be on by June 20th: yoga for meditation and relaxation

Tea and Comfort Food: More pages should be posted by June 10th with a link from the Comfort Food page

And of course, if work doesn't keep me too busy, I'll add other pages. And I almost forgot. Relaxation-at-Home has partnered up with Lavalife. Get your free 7-day trial by clicking on the banner below. Summer is here. You might as well enjoy it with someone special.

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That's it for this month.

Relax and Enjoy!

Caroline Begin
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